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Barcelona has a long history of inclusion policies, from not just the local authority itself and but also various institutions and associations with links to the city. Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that the 13th International Congress of Educating Cities is being held in Barcelona, we are organising a series of events and activities between May 2013 and the start of the Congress to show the various, diverse inclusion activities being carried out in the city. 

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Inclusion as a right

The educating city as a promoter of welfare and life opportunities.

Friends and Circus

Friends and Circus is a community project promoting mental, physical and social health among young people at risk of social exclusion, throu...

19th Public hearing for boys and girls: Barcelona, an educating and inclusive city

In 2013-2014, boy and girls aged between 11 and 17 from 23 educational centres presented their conclusions on how to achieve the common obje...

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Citizen participation and commitment

The educating city as a space for coexistence, dialogue and relationships.

“Tapa Solidària” project

“Tapa Solidària” [Solidarity Tapa] is a project Ferran and Albert Adrià have been sponsoring since 2011.

Presentation of the Catalan National Council for Children and Teenagers

The Decree is a text that implements Articles 27 and 34 of the Act on the Rights and Opportunities of Children and Teenagers and boosts the...

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The edcuating city as a space of innovation and creativity.

Where water lives: the water experience. Discover the water adventure

The activities on offer come with a range of possibilities: In the Museum itself, there are workshops, guided tours and the chance to comb...

Aqualogia at school. We're coming to see you!

The activity has a theoretical and a practical part (workshop and experiment) depending on the primary-school level concerned.