Organization chart

icaec organisers

Presidency of the Congress: the Congress is presided over by the Mayor of Barcelona and the Executive Committee of the International Association of Educating Cities. The Mayor’s delegate for the organisation of the Congress is the Councillor for Presidency and Territory.

Organising Committee: made up of several Barcelona City Council areas of government and run by the Councillor’s Office for Presidency and Territory. Its tasks include establishing lines of action, ensuring the budget for the project’s implementation, carrying out the procedures for raising external funding, making proposals for the content and organisation of the Congress, reaching agreement on the subject areas and validating proposals from the Scientific Committee.

IAEC Secretariat: takes part in the Organising Committee’s meetings, acts as the spokesperson for the IAEC’s Executive Committee and brings experience. Works closely with the Congress Management.

Congress Office and Management: heart of the organisation in charge of the day-to-day preparations for the Congress, made up by municipal staff. Convenes the Organising Committee’s meetings and the Scientific Committee makes proposals and implements the agreements. Works in collaboration with Turisme de Barcelona, a PCO (professional congress organiser) for logistics issues and, where appropriate, a network of volunteers.

Scientific Committee: made up of academics, experts, representatives from organisations and from the municipal areas concerned with the subject matter of the Congress. It’s mission is to collaborate in establishing the subject matter of the Congress, proposing experts for plenary talks, selecting experiences that participating cities have contributed for presentation at workshops, moderating workshops, acting as reporters, collaborating in drafting the final declaration and drawing conclusions.

Honorary Committee: made up of representatives  of UNESCO, the European Union, the Spanish Government, the Regional Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona Provincial Council, local authority associations, UCLG, OEI and others.